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Career & Affiliate Services Officer

Name:  Linda Esquivel
Phone: 650.721.5331
Fax: 650.724.0025
Hours: M-Fm 9am - 4pm



Linda has a background in career development and counseling. Linda's passion is to help students connect with alumni, employers, and various career resources. She is excited to support students in their career exploration by enhancing their career development opportunities. She has 14 years of experience in education, diversity and inclusion, nonprofit, employer engagement, administration, career programming and advising, and event planning. 

Linda works closely with various parties, such as faculty, staff, and students to identify :

  • areas of improvement for career programming
  • possible intersections for future collaboration with employers
  • career development programs on campus
  • outside professional organizations, and Stanford alumni
  • potential affiliates for the MS&E Industry Affiliate Program and the MS&E Career Affiliates Program
  • job and internship opportunities

Linda is dedicated to partnering with employers and MS&E alumni to enhance the career development resources and opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate students in the Department Management Science & Engineering.