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MS 2018

Jacob Choi

"There are moments at Stanford that you have faith, if only for a split second, that you might be capable of greatness in your career instead of the mundane."

Q&A with Jacob
MS 2017

Claire Yang

“The things that have enabled me to be successful in my career are having a statistics and math background, and also having data intuition—basically a sense of how to approach a problem."

Q&A with Claire
MS 1992, BS 1990

Le Roy Davis

"MS&E allowed me to marry my passion for finance, economics, decision analysis, statistics, and optimization within one program. I found that the program provides an analytical framework that allows you to make strong, well informed decisions even when perfect information isn't available."

Q&A with Le Roy
MS 2018

Tyreke White

"Let's say you've come into a meeting—being able to put everything aside to hear and understand what everyone in the room is saying, and taking all those pieces and bringing them together in the process of making a decision, are important skills to possess."

Q&A with Tyreke