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COVID-19 Career Resources

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The MS&E Career Collaborative Program wants to make sure that you have all the necessary tools to navigate the job market, so we provided a list of resources directly below for your reference. 

FAQ for Federal Work Study (FWS) Employers at Stanford
Addresses questions surrounding remote work for FWS students. 

How to Network While you are Social Distancing at Home
Stephanie K. Eberle (BioSci Careers director) suggests seven actions you can take to stay market ready while in the safety of your own home. Opinion piece in Inside Higher Ed.

External Career Resources:

  • 2021-22 Internship Status - COVID-19 (Github)
  • Reach out @hiring2020 on Twitter.
  • Reddit thread for CS Majors discussing internship updates
  • Find startup internships and jobs on AngelList- both paid and unpaid.
  • Micro internships and other career-related learning experiences- MindSumo, Forage and Parker Dewey
  • Utilize your LinkedIn connections, especially during the pandemic where so many professionals and alums are working remotely or hybrid. Tip- Go to the Stanford University LinkedIn page and click the alumni tab. You can then use the filter search to find alumni that studied Management Science and Engineering, you can also narrow down to area of industry, location, and company site. Build a rapport and strengthen your network.
  • Negotiating your Salary Resources
    • primarily tech salary information
    • PayScale: Lots of salary information, but it may require more time to access their salary info, quiz is required.
    • HIRED: Compensation tool for anyone in tech or business.
    • RIVA: Offers several guides for students on understanding your offer, negotiating multiple offers, how much to ask for, and finalizing your negotiations. Great resource.